“Now that we have been called, what then?” […] → Continue Reading Friendo

The Corner Stone

How could I be anything but broken in the presence of such sacrifice, such injustice, such love and strength? How could anyone upon whom the weight of that moment fell not be crushed? […] → Continue Reading The Corner Stone

Lived Authority

It takes tangible, sustained examples of words and actions to reinforce the truth of the symbol they represent. Otherwise, the symbol erodes and the leadership entity becomes exposed as untrustworthy, lacking integrity, and ultimately becomes ineffective in marshalling the kind of authority necessary to revolutionize the world. […] → Continue Reading Lived Authority

Fruitful Labor

The kind of labor that God blesses and which makes up the fabric of the kingdom of heaven is fundamentally about relationship—a reminder that creation is intended to be a collaborative effort infused with unstoppable grace and generosity. […] → Continue Reading Fruitful Labor

Vengeance or Forgiveness?

Jesus has come to incarnate and call us into an alternative universe, one in which unexpected and undeserved forgiveness is the rule of law, and greatness is characterized by servanthood rather than by being served. […] → Continue Reading Vengeance or Forgiveness?

Gather to the Light

In the face of the terrible and awesome forces of God and nature that we struggle to fully understand, the people of God are asked to do one central, essential task… Gather together. […] → Continue Reading Gather to the Light

Gotta Go Through It

The temptation to avoid suffering, to avoid change, to avoid our necessary dying… is so seductive. […] → Continue Reading Gotta Go Through It

Keeping Hope Afloat

What does it take to keep hope alive? […] → Continue Reading Keeping Hope Afloat

Kyrie Eleison

“… Let this be done for you as you desire.” […] → Continue Reading Kyrie Eleison

Point of No Return

Do we believe in resurrection or not? If we do, how do we live it, and how do we help others live it? […] → Continue Reading Point of No Return

Extending Grace

Each of us are being called by God for a purpose, and are given tools with which to accomplish that mission. […] → Continue Reading Extending Grace

A New Start

We humans, though living in a garden paradise where all we ever need is provided for us, are particularly susceptible to a desire for more, for better, and for self-centered power. And when we indulge that desire, and its attendant feeling of lack, we embark upon a journey of ever diminishing satisfaction. […] → Continue Reading A New Start

Love and the Law

How do we love those who want to hurt us, or even more, hurt our loved ones? […] → Continue Reading Love and the Law