From Shame to Proclamation

How do we share the resurrection, especially in a world that seems weary of religion, and anything that goes against the clamor of commerce and the status quo? […] → Continue Reading From Shame to Proclamation


The End that is the Beginning

That first Easter altered all time forever, because though it marked the end of one story and the beginning of another, it simultaneously inaugurated a Kairos era in which any moment can mark the beginning of our story. […] → Continue Reading The End that is the Beginning


We have no King but the Emperor

Good Friday is a day we come face to face with just how low we can sink as human beings created in the image of God. We are forced to acknowledge all the ways we gravitate to the lures of the darkness and the Empire, instead of claiming our place as children of the light. […] → Continue Reading We have no King but the Emperor


The Salvation of Peter

Jesus, the most powerful man Peter ever knew, taught him that love is the only truth that cannot be stopped, and that authentic actions of sacrifice reveal love more clearly than any words can. […] → Continue Reading The Salvation of Peter


Palm Sunday Meditation

Palms and hosannas, angry mobs and anguished cries. The intensity is high. […] → Continue Reading Palm Sunday Meditation


Point of No Return

Do we believe in resurrection or not? If we do, how do we live it, and how do we help others live it? […] → Continue Reading Point of No Return


Extending Grace

Each of us are being called by God for a purpose, and are given tools with which to accomplish that mission. […] → Continue Reading Extending Grace


Living Water

The Third Sunday in Lent 19th March 2017 Hilary Keachie St. Paul’s Within the Walls Growing up, I often spent a few weeks in the summer at my grandparent’s cottage. It was what you might call “rustic”: no electricity, boat-only access, propane lights, no drinking water. Every morning, we would take the little tin boat across the river to where a fancy hotel once stood, some 100 years ago. We’d tie the boat to a […] → Continue Reading Living Water


Beyond the Shattered Walls

If we move along with some degree of confidence and faith trusting that the Spirit is woven into the fabric of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we are are brought to some new place… […] → Continue Reading Beyond the Shattered Walls


A New Start

We humans, though living in a garden paradise where all we ever need is provided for us, are particularly susceptible to a desire for more, for better, and for self-centered power. And when we indulge that desire, and its attendant feeling of lack, we embark upon a journey of ever diminishing satisfaction. […] → Continue Reading A New Start


Creative Tension

What of our past can help us construct a better future, with God’s help? […] → Continue Reading Creative Tension


Love and the Law

How do we love those who want to hurt us, or even more, hurt our loved ones? […] → Continue Reading Love and the Law


Life and Law

Choosing life is so much bigger than choosing tribe, or choosing family, or choosing country. […] → Continue Reading Life and Law


Knowing Better

One of the most beautiful gifts of this journey of salvation in Christ is that our weaknesses… our debilities… do not prevent us from reaching the point where God is, unless we allow them to be the final word that keeps us from moving forward. […] → Continue Reading Knowing Better