St. Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church


Bearing witness in Rome to a dynamic and living Christian faith, open to all and rejecting none.

Lay Leadership

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Eight members of the congregation are elected to serve one-year terms.

Mauro Battocchi (Italy)

Gabriele Linguanti (Italy)

Yvette Manigold, Junior Warden (USA)

Ben Oduwole (Nigeria)

Peter Rockwell, Senior Warden (USA)

Scott Sieben (USA)

Mercedes Tutasig (Ecuador)

Domenico Venditti, Clerk (Italy)


Latin American Advisory Committee

A convener and eight members are appointed annually by the rector and confirmed by the vestry.

Include nationality

Mercedes Tutasig, Convener (Equador)

Marco Acosta

Alex Alvarado

Marielena Palacios

Gabriela Perez

Luis Quiñonez

Isabel Santander

Jorge Urrutia

Elisa Vera


The New York Foundation for St. Paul’s

A self perpetuating board of XXX members are responsible for XXX

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