Report from Annual Convention

Dear People of St. Paul’s,logo

Greetings from the Convocation! Having attended the 2014 Convocation Convention in Frankfurt as a substitute of Yvette with Fr. Austin+, Fr. Francisco+, Will and Larry, here I am to tell you how it went.

With respect to business, the meeting:

  • Received greetings from:
    • The Boards of Foreign Parishes, the Diocese in Europe, ecumenical partners and others;
    • Bishop Jorge De Pina Cabral, of the Lusitanian church in Portugal.
  • Received presentations from:
    • EICS;
    • Youth Commission;
    • Commission on the Ministry of the Baptize;
    • Rat der Religionen [Council of Religions] of Frankfurt.
  • Received reports from:
    • The Secretary of Convention;
    • The Council of Advice;
    • Finance Committee and Treasurer;
    • United Thank Offering.
  • Voted by acclamation:
    • The admission of the Comunità Gesù buon Pastore as a specialized mission, under the guidance of Rev. Maria Vittoria Longhitano;
    • The new members of Council of Advice and Disciplinary Board, as well as Treasurer and Assistant Tresurer.
  • Approved the budget (as amended to avoid any deficit).
  • Issued resolutions on:
    • Deadlines for Nominations, Resolutions and Distribution of Materials;
    • Monitoring of Costs;
    • Letter of Congratulations and Thanks to the Emmauskirche, Munich.

The official Convocation and Association matters (the legal entity under which the Convocation is registered in France) went on the whole pretty smoothly. The budget was discussed at length because it presented a small deficit and was amended to present a balance, but nothing more than that.

The keynote speaker Rev. Tom Brackett lead us on the theme of Community and Identity, the first of four points developed by Vision 2012, over various sessions. He followed our conversations when we split into groups, inspired us with his own stories as well as with episodes from the Scriptures. As the Convention has a Facebook page, I encourage you to visit it and watch the videos and pictures.

We were very blessed to enjoy great music from many talented musicians and singers both during the worship liturgies and on the occasion of social meals and we applauded the well deserved bishop’s awards to Jane Döbler and Monica Müller-Römer.

If you wish more information on any of these items, please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours, in Christ,
Maria Grazia Rizzo

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