Prayer Requests

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Untitled0October 22, 2016Details
tooth brush ministry - for the poor0October 19, 2016Details
My Wife Exam 0October 19, 2016Details
please pray for my soul0October 18, 2016Details
For my special intention0October 18, 2016Details
Untitled0October 17, 2016Details
Untitled0October 17, 2016Details
family0October 16, 2016Details
Untitled0October 13, 2016Details
Healings0October 12, 2016Details
Entrance for medical college0October 11, 2016Details
Prayer for my family0October 9, 2016Details
LOSS IN MATERNITY HOSPITAL 0October 8, 2016Details
Entrance for medical college0October 4, 2016Details
For children0October 1, 2016Details
SON'S STUDIES0September 30, 2016Details
Prayer Request for my success0September 30, 2016Details
John0August 23, 2016Details
Peace1August 17, 2016Details
Lord !! Reveal the truth 1August 10, 2016Details
Untitled1August 3, 2016Details
Fresh Start at Relationship2July 31, 2016Details
For nature1July 28, 2016Details
urgent2July 18, 2016Details
Father have mercy on me2July 5, 2016Details
Prayer Request fo rmy Wife1June 29, 2016Details
Sons studies0June 29, 2016Details
Financial anxiety, court case and health2June 19, 2016Details
For mental peace1June 17, 2016Details
Oneness in Marriage1June 17, 2016Details
A prayer for my Dad 0June 16, 2016Details


anon anon
Please pray for that God can help me to use something cut into my body in order to pray for not lost my salvation and my job as a Leisure and Cultural Services Department Workman II because I am stressed, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified), sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.

tooth brush ministry - for the poor

sister gladys gante
i am a catholic nun. can you mail me 50 to 500 tooth brushes, to me in the

My Wife Exam

Please pray for my wife she going to give exam next month pray for her passing. Amen.....

please pray for my soul

bernadette nelson
please pray for my soul

For my special intention

Innasi muthu I Sebastian
Dear friends of holly rosary prayer please convey to this message to all your friends and asking to pray for my special intention and save my religious life please pray for those who against giving trouble to me they are to be converted to their hearts when you recite the rosary I also remember you is my rosary prayer please convey to this message to all your friends and asking to pray for my special intention Powerful rosary matha


anon anon


Sherwin Ganegoda
Please pray for me to grant admission to medical college as inhave finished my final exams so that i can be a doctor and serve the world


My Daer Prophet, May the Almighty in continue to increase your anointing in his mighty Name. I would very pleased, if you could join me in an agreement prayers for my twin BOYS, Faith Favour. I believe in the word of GOD in Luke 1; 37 and in Numbers 23; 19. All odds are against us, but are faith is anchor on the GOD of IMPOSSIBILITY. Join your faith with mine. I would get back to you with the TESTIMONY to His Glory. Remain bless, Frank Dear Prophet, I write to acknowledge the progress God has started in the reconciliation of my elder sister Uzoma and her husband Chikwere Onuigbo. My prayers is for God to complete what he has started in this reconciliation for their marriage. I had send a prayer request many years now to you on their behalf and surprisingly, the husband called me today and was ready for peace. It can only be God. Help me in PRAYERS. Remain blessed, Frank


Sherwin Ganegoda
Please pray for me to help to grant admission for the medical college as i have finshed the final exams so i can be a doctor and serve the world.


Pls. pray for Justin, Joan, Joe, John, Matty , Becky and me for healing

Entrance for medical college

Sherwin Ganegoda
Please pray for me to help to grant admission for the medical college as i have finshed the final exams so i can be a doctor and serve the world.

Prayer for my family

Shine Joseph
1,To get a Job in a foreign country 2.To get an auspicious beginning of education for my son(Rishon Shine) 3.To give good health condition to my wife as she has lot of stress due to our heavy bank debts. 4.To show me a way to clear my entire debts


ajay KUMAR sahani

Entrance for medical college

Sherwin Ganegoda
Please pray for me to help to grant admission for the medical collegeas i have finshed the final exams so i can be a doctor and serve the world.

For children

Nikolaus Euwer
I wish to pray that parents around the world have adequate financial or material resources before they have children. In cases where they do not, I pray that there might be adequate community support for their children.


Rajashree Namboothiri
my son is not concentrating in his studies. he is even not attending tution classes regularly.i am very much worried about him. please pray for him so that he can concentrate in his studies and study well and able to understand his lessons very well. His 10th icse board exams will start in march 2017. i am very much worried. please pray .pray that he gets interest in his studies. please please pray

Prayer Request for my success

I ask God in your Holy name to do that I pass with success my exam for 1st session to go at sixth year of medical school.


To get a suitable job and accommodation nearby and to get confidence and support


Elena Glatko
Please pray for my emotional healing, peace, God's protection and joy coming back into my life. Please pray that all generational karma is banished and God protects me and my family. That all evil spirits and people cannot attach themselves to me and my family. Thank you and God Bless!

Lord !! Reveal the truth

Please pray for me so that the truth of the matter is revealed and my eyes are opened and I become stronger in Jesus, Amen, Shahana


Trisha R
I am in the middle of an urgent, possibly fatal medical situation. Please pray I may be healed. Lord, hear my prayer!!

Fresh Start at Relationship

Praying that David and Amy can start their relationship with one another over. Praying that the Holy Spirit opens up David's heart and mind so he can let go of his past hurts and fears and let Amy's love in. Praying that the negative energies and people are released and that they can work together to build a stronger and lasting relationship together. God, we know all things are possible with your help. We believe you will grant us this request.

For nature

Nikolaus Euwer
The soft wind of ocean history, the dancing light of life that guides our souls to mother Mary. I wish to pray for the protection of purity in nature and life and for the protection of all souls. I also wish to pray for the uplifting of those who study and adore nature and its history. I wish to pray for the health of the soil and the Earth and for those who protect our native habitats, soil, water and crops.


Please pray that my husband Ara won't be accused and sent to prison for a crime that he really did not commit, (God knows that he is really an innocent and honest young man)please pray as long as you wish for him to be  freed directly from the courtroom. I beg you all to pray for this matter ,  I have no one to help me and I am left alone with my new born daughter  and elderly mom in this world. Thank you and God bless you! Also please pray for myself that I finally can get the desired job to provide my child ! Thank you ever so much, God bless you all, and please accept my  humble blessings as well!

Father have mercy on me

Jilian Rose
Heavenly father shower YOUR mercy & save my soul from hell, deliver us from the devil’s chain (evil thoughts) which drag me to hell, forgive all our sins, clean us, break my husband’s heart to repent, protect me & my daughter from all evil, infections, illness, help my daughter in her study, give her wisdom, knowledge, protect my job, no one may harm me at my job place, provide me finance, bless the people who prayed for me, hide identity, IJN Amen

Prayer Request fo rmy Wife

Saurav Kumar
Please pray that the Lord will help me to come back my Wife Rimmi Gupta because she leaved me due to wrongfully accused by her family members and she needs prayer,Please pray for my wife so that she again remember my love and come back to me as soon as possible.

Sons studies

St. Paul intercede , for Jude, in his studies, Bless him with a bright and powerful mind to be calm and concentrating in his studies and to do the best in his studies, keep him safe and protected always.

Financial anxiety, court case and health

Dear Fatehr, I turn to you asking you for help. I am not denying that there were mistakes I have made and I truly apologise and am sorry. Please Father, do not turn your back to me, HELP ME!! I am in a financial crisis and I have bills that needs to be paid. Loans need to be settled. There will be a hearing September, pleas Father I need you. My health is also going downhill. PLease protect my family and my home. Father I need you. Please speak to me.

For mental peace

Please pray for my daughter who is finding it difficult to adjust in College because of lack of good friends and support. She is going through lot of mental agony and we all are worried. It looks like others are not getting a grasp of what her feelings are and she is confused. Please pray for her and all of us. Thanks in advance.

Oneness in Marriage

Angela Sivley
Please lift Casey and I in prayer for God’s divine favor and blessings. Pray the Holy Spirit work in both of us to bring us closer in love, understanding, compassion, patience and loyalty. Pray we enter the next phase of our relationship before marriage with excitement and patience, each yielding to the other as God would have. Pray any strongholds over either of us are broken that we can enter marriage as one without baggage or reservations.

A prayer for my Dad

Sarah Ward
Hello please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has recently found out he has asbestos cancer which is both inoperable and incurable he needs healing from this terminal illness and needs to know God more as he prays but feels no one listens help him to know God hears him and for him to be restored to full health thank you very much
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.