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  • Art Exhibition: Kennedy/Rockwell


    An Exhibition by

    Jimmy Kennedy
    Peter Rockwell

    Vernissage: Saturday 3rd December, 4pm – 7pm

    Jimmy Kennedy
    is a self-taught Irish artist based in Rome. He specializes in oil paintings, including both landscapes and figurative paintings. His work has been shown in Rome, and sells internationally. Inspired by a number of the old masters and the eternal nature of the city in which he lives, Jimmy’s art emphasizes a classical style.

    Peter Rockwell:
    I fell into sculpture by accident. I was an English major at Haverford College when I took a non-academic sculpture course. I fell head over heals in love with sculpture. I quickly learned that thinking three dimensionally was natural to me.

    In three years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts I learned modeling in clay from life which I still love doing as well as the beginning of stone carving.

    In 1961 my wife and I with our little son Geoffrey came to Italy. We came to Rome thinking we would stay for six months. Fifty years, three more children and four grand children and I have not yet left.

    Rome in the 1960s was an ideal place for a sculptor to be. The bronze foundries were good and cheap and there were the artisans one needed to help with the sculpture. Rome is also where you can go look at sculpture done through history. If I have a problem with a marble carving I go ask Gian Lorenzo Bernini what I should do. He is very kind about giving advice.

    I love to work in the traditional sculptural mediums of clay, stone, and wax for bronze. In the 1980s I started to do woodcuts and other kinds of prints. I have discovered that I can think two dimensionally as well.

    Imagination and humor have always been important to me. I am told that all of the monsters I do are humorous. I love to make sculpture for people to climb on. I want people to connect closely with what I do. A monster is a traditional form of abstraction that is easy and enjoyable to understand.

    I want to do sculpture that people will take into their homes and enjoy living with.


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