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  • 06 May | Exhibition: Basking in the Piazza

    Basking in the Piazza

    an Exhibition by

    Diane Van Buren

    Vernissage: 6th May, 4pm – 7pm
    Exhibition open until 31st May

    About the Artist:

    A favorite question Diane asks herself is, “What makes people fall in love with cities?” And the answer most often is the spaces between monuments and buildings: the beloved piazzas, plazas and public spaces as they hold many secrets.

    Diane’s deep passion for cities, the arts, and the ways people experience arts-infused public spaces is a lifelong story. Early visits to ancient Ancestral Puebloan sites deepened her innate passion for places, distinctive arts, architecture, and refined cultural expression that communicates great spirit and love of community.

    At age ten, Diane moved from Texas to Tripoli, Libya. This is how she began her life of world travel. In Libya, she was immersed in Arab and Italian cultures and developed a fondness for juxtaposing ancient and modern design. Stunning visits to Leptis Magna and Sabbratha – two of the best preserved ancient Roman cities in the world – furthered her architectural appreciation. The 1969 military coup d’etat in Libya produced a coincidental and nonnegotiable gift: attending high school outside of Libya; Diane chose to live and study in Rome, Italy. Her life experiences over three years studying and traveling in Italy deepened her fascination with Italian culture, art history and architecture, cementing her life-long love for Italy.

    Diane attended the University of Texas School of Architecture in Austin before moving to New York City. Here she reveled in the vibrant energy sparking between the arts, architecture and people on a daily basis. Her career continues in Dallas, Texas, spanning architectural and landscape design, sculpture, writing, and photography. Diane’s studies earned her a Master of Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas which intertwined with her uniqua voice to create this book.

    Acculturating experiences – serendipitous moments that often carry the seeds of illuminating, appreciative, and transforming, expansive effects – contain the potential to align you with your life’s dreams and goals and elevate your daily life. Diane adores creating amazing, sculptural piazzas for people to bask in within their gardens at home. She also loves leading small groups, sharing her enthusiasm for Italian culture while allowing people to experience travel on a deeply personal and joyful level. She invites you to celebrate the power of beauty, diversity, culture and community in her work.


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