Wednesdays Within the Walls

A weekly gathering for fun and making friends!

Events include movie nights, book studies, informal discussions over drinks, community dinners and worship services.
Frequently asked questions about Movie Nights, Bibles & Beer, Taizè Worship and Book Studies are below.
All are welcome to attend any activity at any time, and to invite friends as well!

Next Event:

  • St. Paul’s Within the Walls
    Episcopal Church, Rome

    invites you to join in

    Caroling & Beer

     Wednesday 20th December


    Beginning at 7pm:
    Flann O’Brien (via Nazionale 17)

    and then…

     Marconi (Via di Santa Prassede, 9c)

    Fiddler’s Elbow (Via dell’Olmata, 43)


    Druid’s Den (Via di S. Martino Ai Monti, 28)

    …and more!


    Info: 06 4883339

    in aid of the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center



  • Where do we meet?
    On the second floor of the Rectory, Via Napoli 58. Ring the bell for the Second Floor and someone will let you in. You can take the elevator or the stairs!
  • Can we watch my favorite movie?
    Yes, if it’s appropriate for a large audience! Submit suggestions on our Facebook event page or email Carter Leer
  • What about food and beverages?
    Popcorn and water will be provided: feel free to bring drinks and snacks to share!
  • How long does the event last?
    Depends on the movie! Feel free to stay for a little or all of the movie; there will be time for discussion of the film afterward.


  • Where do we meet?
    At the Flann O’Brien, right across the street from St. Paul’s. The Flann is a big place: we plan to be in the large booth in the middle of the restaurant. Look for the sign on the table “Bibles & Beer.”
  • Do I have to drink alcohol to participate?
    No! Nor do you have to buy anything if you don’t want to. Some will choose to order food and drink, but this is not a requirement. The purpose of these gatherings is to discuss a reading for the coming Sunday, but also to enjoy each other’s company in an informal setting.
  • Do I have to prepare?
    No, there will be several copies of the reading at the event, and they are accessible on most smartphones. WiFi is available at the venue.
  • How long does the event last?
    The scriptural reflection part lasts around an hour, but conversations and fellowship are known to go much longer. Feel free to stay as long as you want.


  • Where do we meet?
    In the Church. Chairs are set up in a circle and you are invited to take a service leaflet and sit in the group.
  • What do we do?
    Our Taizé service focuses on three areas: song, silence and scripture. Taizé songs are repetitive in nature, we have a couple of Bible readings and share about 15 minutes of contemplative silence. The entire service lasts about 40 minutes.
  • Do I have to be a good singer?
    No. In fact the songs are short, easy to learn and designed to focus more on the meditative state than on the quality of singing.
  • Is food a part of this event?
    Yes! After the service we will move to the second floor for aperetifs or choose a restaurant afterwards, according to preference on the night.


  • Where do we meet?
    On the second floor of the Rectory, Via Napoli 58. Ring the bell for the Second Floor and someone will let you in. You can take the elevator or the stairs!
  • Do I have to prepare?
    Ideally, yes. Copies of the book can be obtained from the Parish Office (donations welcome), or you can purchase them on your own. Our current study is on Martin Laird’s ‘Into the Silent Land’ which will run from October to December.
  • What are we reading in each session?
    1. October 4th: Introduction and Chapter One
    2. November 8th: Chapters Two to Four
    3. December 6th: Chapters Five through the epilogue.
  • What about food and drinks?
    We will provide soft drinks and water – participants are invited to bring a potluck dish to share as well as alcoholic drinks if desired. Email Carter Leer or post on the Facebook event page to say what you are bringing.

Fall Season 2017: