St. Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church


Bearing witness in Rome to a dynamic and living Christian faith, open to all and rejecting none.

Luminaria Series Fall 2014

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  • 26 Feb | Luminaria: Trio Antium

    LUMINARIA 2017

    Sunday 26 February, 18.30


    Trio Antium

    Antonio D’Augello
    Luca Margoni
    Stefano Mingo

    Leonhard von Call
    Trio op. 26

    Leo Brouwer
    Elogio De La Danza

    Antonio Vivaldi
    Concerto in G Major Rv 532

    Daniela Tortora
    Sospese Linee Affioranti

    Ferenc Farkas
    Citharoedia Strigoniensis

    Maurizio Colonna

    Paulo Bellinati
    Baião De Gude

    For info & tickets: +39 06 64561860 or +39 393 0774776

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