The Anglican Reformation, which took place in various stages during the 16th century, was a synthesis of many religious traditions and trends which had grown up in England and elsewhere up to that time. Music, which had always played a role in divine service was re-considered, and underwent new developments in the light of the new liturgies, and the adoption of English as the official language of worship.

The American Episcopal Church began life as a natural development of the Anglican Church in the New World. It has adopted as part of its worshipping life not only the traditional repertoire derived from musical importations from Europe, but also indigenous and novel musical forms.

From this brief introduction, it will be clear that the present repertoire of sacred and liturgical music of the American Episcopal Church is of a notable breadth and variety. Within it can be found Gregorian chant, chorales of Lutheran origin, original English compositions of various periods, (sometimes adapted or simplified), new American compositions, spirituals, and much else besides..

The Community of St Paul’s is made up of people of many different nationalities (from Africa, Europe and North and South America), all influenced by different traditions: in the Choir of St Paul’s a “360° range” of music is sung, with the aim of representing the many different facets of our unique congregation.

Our Organist and Director of Music is Maestro Stefano Vasselli.