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Bearing witness in Rome to a dynamic and living Christian faith, open to all and rejecting none.

Christian Education for Youth

Excursions in Rome for Young People

This is a series of Christian formation events for children and youth (and their families) offered by St. Paul’s Within the Walls Episcopal Church.

The activities will take place on Saturdays, about once a month, at different sites around the city of Rome. The Eternal City is associated with many of God’s saints throughout history and there are many sacred spaces within and beyond the ancient walls that will provide locations for participants to learn and grow in faith.

For more information call the Parish Office at 06 4883339 or send an email.

Next Excursion:

  • 40 Acts of Generosity for Lent!

    40 Acts of Generosity for Lent! index

    On Sunday March 5th, we are starting a 5-week ​Lenten study exploring how we can do creative,
    simple and yet meaningful acts of kindness every day
    to help make our world a more generous place.

    This program is designed for kids (and their families!)
    so will include lots of storytelling, stickers, and songs.

    Anyone who is interested and would like to join us
    for some creative, hands-on learning this Lent is most welcome!

    March 5, 12, 19, 26 & April 2, from 12:00-1:00pm.

    Please contact Hilary Keachie for more details!

Upcoming Events:



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