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  • Rice Bowl 2016

    United Mission to Nepal

    Just before noon on Saturday 25th April, 2015, the first earthquake struck. Lasting just 45 seconds, the length of time it takes to sing a verse from the hymn ‘Let us build a house’, it caused devastation and changed lives for ever. Most people lay or sat down. Some tried to run but could not escape the shaking earth. Buildings collapsed, there were landslides, gaping holes appeared as the earth moved. In 45 seconds over 8 thousand people lost their lives and over 6 million people lost their homes.

    Sumitra Chepang’s house fell down – all except the corner where her one-month-old grandson Suraj was sleeping. Sumitra says it’s a miracle and that God saved the baby. Amika and her husband – Lal Bahadur, their one daughter and three sons, their eldest son’s wife and two daughters were all out in the fields working. They were safe as well as their goat. However, their house was completely flattened.  A heavy sense of sadness hangs over the small tin shed where Kumar Shepong, his wife Sarita and daughter Sakun now live.

    They lost their 7 year-old son and their house.

    • The World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland has accepted the challenge to support an initiative for long term rebuilding of communities.
    • In the year 2016 the plan is to encourage people to raise funds that will be sent directly to WMC in Edinburgh and then on to the Partner Organisation the United Mission to Nepal. The WMC has sent Mission Partners to Nepal and they work closely with UMN.
    • The funds will be used to provide houses that are structurally superior to those lost in the quake. The cost of each house will be £500 or approximately €670 (depending on fluctuations in the market).
    • The construction work will begin in the Dhading area, a fertile agricultural district, three hours by car from Kathmandu. It extends high into the mountains and on to the Tibetan border. The UMN has been working there since 2005 and is well established and known in the area.
    • UMN will be heavily involved in Rehabilitation work in Dhading, a district highly affected by exposure to AIDS.

    x7vesyxsmasontrainingWe hope that in presenting THE RICE BOWL 2016 PROJECT it will inspire our CTiR congregations and people in general, to want to help build as many houses as possible, in Nepal, through enthusiastic and energetic fund raising.

    Let us build a house where hands will reach
    beyond the wood and stone
    to heal and strengthen, serve and teach,
    and live the Word they’ve known.

    Donations can be made throughout the Easter season.
    Envelopes will be available in the back of the Church.

    Thank you for your generosity.



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