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  • 27 Apr | Vestry Academy in Florence

    European Institute of Christian Studies

    2018 Vestry Academy in Florence
    April 27-28

    Inform, Aspire, Affirm

    Academy focus will be on:

    • Clarity of Vestry/Bishop’s Committee roles and responsibilities
    • Best practices for Vestries/Bishop’s Committee, treasurers, wardens, secretaries
    • Combining the spiritual with the temporal
    • Managing parish ministries
    • Shared leadership
    • What is the mission of the church, what is the mission of the Vestry?
    • Understanding and implementing Clergy wellness practices
    • Dealing with different (and sometimes loud) voices in the parish
    • Being part of a larger whole: role of the Convocation
    • Regional issues (legal, financial regulations, etc.)

    Shared leadership

    We recognize the need for more frequent formation of Vestry members,
    officers and Bishop’s Committees, with a focus
    not only on Vestry basics but on the theology of shared leadership.

    How do we work collaboratively to create a vision and a plan that reflects God’s dream for the congregation?

    How do we balance God’s mission and vision with sound stewardship?

    How do we identify and incorporate new leaders?

    For more information and booking please contact the Parish Office.

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