May 9-13 | YAE: I AM

YAE 2018

Join us in Florence for an…


YAE will be meeting in Florence, Italy for hikes, games, gelato,
pizza, pasta, art and an exploration of the theological question:

“Who am I?”

When? May 9-13, 2018

Who can come?
13-18 year olds

St James, Via Bernardo Rucellai 9, 50123 Firenze (FI)

How to register? Send completed registration form to 

Deadline for registration is 11th March.

The program will be in English.

Leaders / Chaperones:

  • ➢  1 leader (aged 24 and up) MUST accompany each group [1 adult : 6 children] 2 leaders are recommended
  • ➢  Leaders will be asked to assist with / participate in the program
  • ➢  Attendees 18 yrs of age and under must be accompanied during travel to the event. The Convocation cannot accept responsibility for the safety and welfare of any attendees until they have arrived at the event location
  • Cost: €20 per participant (youth and adult) to be brought with you to the event in cash.{€75 for non-Convocation participants}

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