14 Jan | Guitar for Chamber and Chapel

Sunday 14 January, 6.30pm

Guitar for Chamber and Chapel

Peter Elliott, Guitar

“Guitar for Chamber and Chapel” places the classical guitar at the intersection of the secular and the sacred, and seeks to draw these conceptual worlds together by presenting music that captures the essence of the musical spaces that has historically typified each –– namely, the court chamber and the church chapel. The selection of guitar pieces by de Gallot (fl. 1684), and Tárrega’s (1852-1909) famous tremolo study for the instrument, are characteristic chamber works, whilst Barrios Mangore’s (1885-1944) “La Catedral” is nothing less than a three movement sonic representation of the human experience of a magnificent church building. This marked contrast, between secular and sacred sounds, is mediated by both a courtly lute suite composed by a devout Lutheran church musician, J.S. Bach (1685-1750), and the selection of entertaining chamber pieces for guitar penned by Catholic priest Gaspar Sanz (1640-c.1710). Finally, since all the pieces were intended for chamber performance but will be performed in a church, the program itself draws the secular and sacred musical threads together under one roof.

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Francisco Tarrega, Gaspar Sanz

Info: 328 3033282
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