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19 Mar | Let the Bells Ring Out!

Ecumenical Invitation to all Christian Churches
from Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford, Ireland.

the summer
of 2014, a fascist
demonstration was organized
in the area surrounding Västerås
Cathedral in Sweden. As the rally began
the cathedral bells tolled loud and clear over
the city, drowning out the sounds of hate and
racism. Bells can sound alarm but also solidarity.
They are part of many cultures and religions, ringing
out the old and ringing in the new. In Waterford, the
bells of the Christ Church Cathedral are known locally as the
‘Joy Bells’. They have been silenced for renovation but will ring again
on March 19th at 11 am. Their sound will herald joy not hate, welcome not
exclusion, co-responsibility not exploitation. It is time for the Christian message
of love to be proclaimed in solidarity with women and men terrified by the increased legitimating
of hate that is emerging these last months. We will ring out hate, xenophobia, exploitation
and fear and ring in a call for solidarity, truth and justice. Christians across the world,
we invite you to ring your bells on March 19th in protest and in solidarity and spread
the word far and wide about this peal.

Thank you.

The Very Rev. Maria Janssen, Dean
Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford

Mary McAleese
Former President of Ireland


St. Paul’s will be joining the peal on 19th March, the Sunday following St. Patrick’s Day 2017 at 12 noon local time to add our voice against the rising tide of religious and ethnic hatred in our world. This  weekend was chosen because Patrick was himself an immigrant, and is also a great exemplar of the commandment to love one another.

Join the circle of joyful love expressed through the wordless, powerful music of the bells.
You can sign up either on the website of Waterford Cathedral or on Avaaz.

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