May 2017 |Building God’s Beloved Community

European Institute of Christian Studies
Academy of Parish Leadership

Building God’s Beloved Community


Schloss Furstenried Conference Center, Munich, Germany

May 19-21, 2017

The conference is designed for Clergy, Vestry and other leaders of the Convocation who desire:

  • To explore a new approach for building healthy, vibrant and growing congregations.
  • To transform our communities to become centers of divine hospitality.
  • To love and care for each other and to serve the world.

The EICS will fund room and board and a partial travel stipend for 3 participants from each parish and 2 from each mission in the Convocation, as well as a Clergy member who is accompanying the lay participants.

*  *  *  *  *

Mary Parmer is a congregational development consultant and head of a dynamic group of experts devoted to building God’s Kingdom. She currently serves as Director of the Gathering of Leaders, a national leadership gathering of young Episcopal clergy.

Parmer’s Ministry of Invite-Welcome-Connect presents critical and strategic steps for building healthy, vibrant and growing congregations. Bishop Whalon and the Board of the EICS invited Mary Parmer to share this program, adapted for the context of our diverse European membership.

For questions and further information contact:  Dr. Rosemarie Valentine at

The Academy for Parish Leadership is a project of the European Institute of Christian Studies of the Convocation in Europe.  Through the Academy, EICS offers quality programs to equip lay leaders for the work of ministry.

The Rt. Rev. Pierre W. Whalon, Bishop-in-Charge

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