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26 Feb | Annual Meeting

The Official Call to Annual Meeting


Notice is hereby given for the call to the Annual Parish Meeting
of St Paul’s Within the Walls, Rome, Italy.

It will be held in the Crypt on Sunday 26th February 2017
following a Sung Eucharist Rite II at 10.30 with refreshments afterward.
Time for the meeting is approximately 12.00.

The Purpose of the Annual Meeting is:

  • To hear reports of the Rector, Wardens, treasurer and all others necessary.
  • To elect the eight (8) members to the 2017 Vestry for the term of one year.
  • To transact such business as may legally come before the Annual Meeting.

Andrea Manchée D’Agosto
Clerk to the Vestry

Eligibility for Voting:
Those eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting of the parish shall be baptized and communicant members of the Episcopal/Anglican Church and/or of the Parish, sixteen (16) years and above in age, who have been attending St Paul’s for not less than three (3) months. They should be pledging members of the congregation and regular contributors to the church’s ministry and life. The Rector and Vestry may at their discretion also allow the vote to those who have expressed a desire to become full members of the Anglican Communion and the Parish, but have not yet been formally received.

The list of members eligible to vote shall be displayed at least two Sundays before the Parish meeting and closed one week in advance of the meeting.

Any St Paul’s Church communicant in good standing wishing to run for Vestry, or to make recommendations, are asked to speak to any current Vestry member.
The Vestry shall constitute the Nominating Committee for 2017.

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