That They All May Be One

Easter 7 2016

St. Paul’s Within the Walls

May 8, 2016

“That They All May Be One”

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This sermon reflection was given by the teenagers of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe at the end of their annual Youth Across Europe event, hosted at St. Paul’s, 4-8 May 2016. The reflection includes the following:

Introduction by Charles Graves IV

“Here I am, Lord” by Daniel O’Donnell, performed by the YAE youth & Leaders

An original poem by Naomi Greenberg & Maureen Bartsch

I decided to write this poem 

To reflect on our adventures in Rome.

While God was holding our hand,

We discovered this welcoming land.

At first we wandered the streets

And ate gelato treats.

Then in answer to all of our hope,

God let us see the Pope!

Prayers and games were played and said,

And then we went to bed. 

‘Rise and shine!’, said all our leaders

While we whined and scowled for the lack of heaters.

We opened our hearts to some new friends,

While bonding through art with markers and pens.

Doing treasure hunts in groups, 

Or scoring goals and hoops,

Made days of fun, 

And I’m glad I’ve done

YAE Rome with you.

“In the days of Elijah” by Donnie McClurkin, performed by the YAE youth & Leaders

Final words by Fr. Austin K. Rios


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